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☑ Bulk WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia

We are the best company for Whatsapp Marketing services in KL, Malaysia. Now you promote your product/service by blasting thousands of messages to your potential customers. This is the real future of Mobile Marketing !!!

Using Bulk WhatsApp marketing we can easily send massive amount of promotional messages to your targeted customers. We provide high quality and the most affordable WhatsApp marketing service in Malaysia.

Recent internet user statistics show that WhatsApp is the most commonly used messenger service across the country. WhatsApp blasting/Broadcasting is the simplest and effective way to engage with multiple customers at the same time. Infinity Marketing has developed a system where you can do mass message blasting from single and easy to use online user panel.

Why Do You Need WhatsApp Marketing?

Many corporates and brands consider Bulk WhatsApp Marketing as an effective tool to endorse their products and services. WhatsApp customer interaction is almost 95%. Blasting WhatsApp messages could be a viable option for B2C companies as everyone prefers this application/software more than any other means to connect.

Know Your Customers, Get Quick Responses

Now Reach As Many People Through WhatsApp

Capacity to Carry Image and Text

Unlike traditional info sharing in text message, WhatsApp can carry both text and image which make your ads become more attractive

Higher Reading Rate

WhatsApp users will check the incoming messages through notifications received. They will definitely check out the latest text in the chat.

Minimum Content Send Rate

You can choose the minimum content that you wish to deliver in your ads but reach to the most number of WhatsApp users that you want

Quick Response

WhatsApp is easy and used all the time by the users. Expect immediate response once your ads have been blasted and hit your right audience.

Targeted Demographics Marketing

Be specific for who, where, and when your ads need to reach. Strategical demographic options will give you the result that you want.

Ad Sharing

It gets more interesting when your ads are being shared by the targeted user to their family and friends. Now your ads can already be the talk of the town!

WhatsApp Online Panel

Send out messages for up to 90k WhatsApp users a day!

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Features

We have designed and developed a WhatsApp blasting software / system to let you manage your campaign by yourself and schedule message blasting from your desired database.

  • -
    Our Each Message Support up to 2000 Characters
  • -
    Send Up To 90k Messages In A Day
  • -
    Supports Maximum 30,000 Numbers Per Campaign (3 Campaigns per Day)
  • -
    Our Panel Accept .JPG, .PNG Image Format within the Size of 1 MB. and .AVI, .MP4, .MOV Video Format within the Size of 1 MB.
  • -
    Sender Numbers (Local Malaysia Numbers or Foreign Numbers)
  • -
    Supports All Languages
  • -
    Resellers Packages Are Also Available
  • -
    MONDAY - FRIDAY (12:30PM-9PM), Saturday (12:30PM-6PM), SUNDAY - SERVER OFF
  • -
    Set Your Own Profile Logo Where Recipient Can See Your Brand
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WhatsApp Content Available

Credits deduct only when receiver received WhatsApp message.

1 credit = text
1 credit = image
1 credit = image + caption (2k characters)
2 credits = text + image
2 credits = video

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