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Utilising LINE App In Your Business

LINE App Marketing Through Bulk Messaging

Hailed as one of the leading competitors in smartphone messaging, LINE already has 194 million global users as of the beginning of 2019. The popularity of this App is largely due to its features as the App itself provides various user-friendly tools.


Bulk Messaging through LINE App
Connecting with Users All At Once

Not knowing the most efficient and practical way to reach out to your contacts in your LINE App? Fear not for we, at Infinity Plans Marketing is more than prepared to offer you assistance for LINE SMS blasting services across the globe. Our company vows to deliver satisfying, user-friendly messaging experience on this platform.

Our company engages with highly experienced and sought after developers who utilise programmable SMS to generate an innovative and inventive messaging experience between you and your contacts. With the experience of these developers, transferring of documents, images and videos can be done effortlessly through the LINE App.

We are more than ready to provide assistance in a timely manner for a successful marketing plan through the LINE App to fulfil your needs.

You can click on our LINE Marketing page to learn more about the features or contact us directly to get a demonstration before your purchase, we will have our sales representative to contact you.