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The Unique & The Biggest Web Design Trends 2021

We had come a long way since the invention of the World Wide Web back in 1989. It has been an eventful journey, and we are now in the 21st Century witnessing a revolution in terms of the design of web pages. Nowadays, every business is opting for a web page that is simple, effective, and has a global outreach. Companies are no longer limited to particular spaces, and designers have focused their energy on developing styles that go hand in hand with the smartphone revolution.

People, who have access to a smartphone and an essential internet connection, look for almost everything related to their day-to-day lives. Hence, web designers are trying to introduce lightweight web pages easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone, which is too offered at affordable website design packages.

Moreover, styling has been refreshed today to accommodate the attraction points of any service or product being marketed through these web pages. Websites today have become more dynamic, accommodate more information in less space, and take even less time to load.

The trends for website design have been changing through decades, and there are new trends that are on the rise come the year 2021. The post-pandemic period has also had a significant impact on developing new design strategies for marketing campaigns. Companies are opting for offbeat and edgy designs to cover up the sales disparity raised due to the pandemic. 

Over a period, many factors contribute to the advent of refreshing styles in web designs.
You can enumerate some of them as:

  • Increasing demand for creative and attractive home page
  • ✔  Least loading time and latency in video playback
  • ✔  Smartphone friendly webpages that are light and fast
  • ✔  Highly user-friendly and less complicated structure, look and feel
  • ✔  Vibrant colors and impactful design for increasing hits on the websites
  • ✔  Themed designs for a variety of products and services that people can relate to easily
  • ✔  Search engine optimized websites with relevant information for better visibility
  • ✔  Creating a more interactive and engaging website so that the visitors can stay connected on the page for an extended period

Let us look at the latest web design trends of 2021 that are unique and setting bold standards for the future.


The latest trends you shouldn’t miss!

Businesses in Malaysia are opting for a refreshing experience for visitors on their web pages. People are more inclined towards better visibility, less complexity, and more attractiveness in every sense. Various exciting new trends are fast gaining popularity given the dynamic commercial environment globally. These trends have resulted due to the competitive environment and affordable website design costs. These trends are:

  1. Simplistic Design:

    Designers recommend a simple design that hits right at the agenda without wasting much time. The heavier design takes a long time to load, and they might not be easily accessible in low network coverage areas. On the other hand, simple web pages are easier to load, easily accessed through the smartphone, and don’t consume much data.
    Moreover, straightforwardness adds a professional feel to the website, and visitors tend to visit your page repeatedly for relevant information that is easily visible. The simplistic design is also very cost-effective, as it doesn’t require much effort from the designers’ end. 

  1. Perfect Balance of Graphics and Images:

    Designers nowadays create an ideal blend of computer-generated graphics and images to make web pages more appealing. You can easily explain the service’s salient features or utility through the minimum description and more visual imagery.
    That is an effective way to create lasting impressions in the minds of potential customers. Blending images with embedded audio-visual objects as a backdrop is gaining popularity as it balances the description of the products or services.

  1. Engaging 3D elements:

    Immersive 3D elements help make the websites more interactive and catchy to the visitors. These elements always contain a surprise that can catch the visitors’ attention within seconds and remain imprinted on their minds for a long time.
    Earlier, due to higher cost constraints, you limited 3D designing to designers with access to complex computer systems with high graphics configuration. Still, as technology has evolved, more and more people have started utilizing 3D design elements to make their websites more attractive. The website designers’ charges include the cost of production of these 3D elements.

  1. Graffiti style wall art:

    Companies with services or products that offer an offbeat experience to their customers opt for graffiti-inspired design elements on their front page to create a sublime storytelling methodology.
    It can be safely considered one of the biggest web design trends of 2021, given a large number of young generation visitors to these websites. These websites are funky and informative at the same time. Everyone in their perspective, while bringing uniformity to the advertising campaign simultaneously, can decode the abstract patterns. 

  1. Minimalistic User Interface:

    Websites today cut down the clutter by incorporating ultra-minimalistic navigational elements on the pages. The elements cut straight to the chase and let the users delve right into the pool of information that the websites intend to create. Interactive elements make the websites more dynamic and user-friendly. There are very few chances of users getting confused about accessing the right sub-menu.

  1. Luminous and backlit color schemes for ambiance:

    Many designers opt for a glow effect with the color schemes to create a deep ambiance. Neon colors add a visible charisma to the websites, although it is a risky venture. Many people might find these web pages unprofessional if they are not related to the arts or spirituality.
    Many companies that try to promote their flagship products have started using these effects to bring in an element of vibrancy. Customers might just get the feel of the experience of using the products as they are depicted in an abstract light.


Costing and Affordability

The latest web design trends in Malaysia are being governed by cost-effectiveness and affordability. Several top web designers have vast experience in the field and keep up with the latest trends. While customers need the best websites for their business, they want to spend as little as possible on the development and maintenance of the website. The latest trends in web design in 2021 have compelled businesses to focus more on high-quality web design services.

Web design charges vary from designer to designer, and customers can compare the services they provide for the money charged. The value addition should be higher than the investment, which is the major reason for increasing competition in this industry. Website designing pricing in Malaysia has gone down due to this very reason and stimulates designers to adopt unique design methodologies.


Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and VR

The implementation of artificial intelligence requires notable highlights because incorporating chatbots to handle simple customer queries has gained tremendous popularity. People are looking for quick answers to their queries and even quicker redressal of their grievances.

It is a very new and emerging development, and as time passes, this technology is becoming more prominent. The chatbots are not only highly user-friendly but are evolving dramatically due to the implementation of ML routines. This trend is a must watch-out-for for technology gurus.

Another most important web design trend that has taken shape due to the pandemic in recent times is a virtual reality to give a wholesome experience to the customers. Design studios and décor companies are using VR to allow their customers to enjoy the feel of their products right from their homes. This support is embedded directly with the website and is sure to gain more popularity due to the tech’s compatible nature.

Summing up, it is imperative now that companies and businesses are opting for revolutionary design ideas to market their products and services better. Most of the systems have gone online due to the pandemic, and advertising agencies have limited options to carry out their tasks to improve sales figures.

The outreach is a major concern for companies in these unprecedented times, and amidst the crisis, new strategies are shaping up in web designing to create a better, sustainable market. Newer technological advancements are enabling brilliant and realistic ideas to take shape on virtual platforms. Web designing has reached unprecedented heights in recent times and has become a desirable and viable career option for youngsters too!