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As a marketing business, we offer our clients the ability to send bulk whatsapp messages to targeted audience. through online WA panel. Instead of short-messaging-services (SMS), there are no limitations when it comes to Whatsapp. You can send texts, images, documents, videos and many more. It is a practical way of publicizing your business to thousands of people at one go.

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[IMPORTANT] Please note: This platform is an independent one and is not affiliated with any other company including WhatsApp inc.

WhatsApp Marketing Malaysia

Mobile Messaging Advertising Strategies

How it Benefits you

Rich Contents

You are no longer limited to only texts when relaying messages. Using mobile apps, you can do more than that without worrying about the cost. Besides text messages, your contents can now have images, documents, videos and even audio files. Locations, a QR Code and contact information can also be included as well. In order to preserve the effectiveness and the impact of your campaign / product, we are more than happy to assist in providing help regarding the length of your messages as well as the contents in them.

User-Friendly WaPanel

You are now able to reach a large group of targeted audience in a few seconds. How it works is that you will be able to send messages as and when it is required. This is ideal if you are launching a new product, a new promotion or when there are ad-hoc messages to be sent out.

Start in Minutes

Try the demonstration, perform the top-up you need and start delivering messages.

Self-Management Platform

Effortless and instinctive. Control your deliveries without an intervener. Import your databases and manage your campaigns.

Data Privacy

We know how important it is to keep contacts of our clients private and confidential. Hence, we make it our point to not sell databases in any way.


Self-managed online panel that allow you to send messages and target audience anytime through an active WhatsApp user. The panel delivers messages up to 90k WhatsApp users in a day.

WaPanel Features:

We have developed and perfected the Online Whatsapp Panel/Blasting Software which allows you to manage your campaigns and schedule message blasting from your desired database.

  • -
    our each message support up to 2,000 characters
  • -
    send up to 90k messages in a day
  • -
    supports maximum 30,000 numbers per campaign (3 campaigns per day)
  • -
    our panel accept .JPG, .PNG image format within the size of 500KB. and .AVI, .MP4, .MOV video format within the size of 2MB
  • -
    sender numbers (local Malaysia numbers or foreign numbers)
  • -
    supports all languages
  • -
    resellers packages are also available
  • -
    MONDAY - FRIDAY (12:30PM-9PM), Saturday (12:30PM-6PM), SUNDAY - SERVER OFF
  • -
    create your profile logo which allows recipients to see your brand (reseller account only)
whatsapp blasting

Whatsapp Content Available

Credits deduct only when receiver received WaApp message.

1 credit = text
1 credit = image
1 credit = image + caption (250 characters)
2 credits = text + image
2 credits = video (Not more than 2mb)


Choose us to manage your WaApp bulk message sending

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