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Display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Bulk SMS Solution

SMS Marketing Malaysia

SMS Bulk Sending - Fast, secure, and reliable service. Infinity plans offers the best Bulk SMS Sending Service in Malaysia and Singapore.

Send Bulk SMS - Your SMS Sender ID can turn a simple SMS message into a powerful branding tool.

Use it with No hassle !

Increase SMS Open Rates

Displaying a company name as a sender can increase open rates.

11 Characters in Sender ID

Include up to 11 characters in your custom SMS Sender ID.

Disable Replies with Sender ID

Prevent recipients from replying to your messages with a Sender ID.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule messages to auto send daily, weekly, or monthly. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns at your preferred time.

SMS Sender ID or Short-code Sender

A simple and smart tool that will help grow your business



Display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Bulk SMS Broadcast and Bulk SMS Sending to help you reach thousands with a mass text.

Send Texts Online

SMS Bulk Sending - Send a text online to your staff and customers. Import contacts and manage lists all through your panel account.

Better Deliver

Short-code sender has a quality SMS delivery guaranteed. Over 12 years of SMSing experience and served over 5 crore audience. Delivered over 100 Billion messages till date.

Speed of SMS

We are known for our speed of SMS delivery. With our panel can deliver over 90% SMS within 10 Sec. Our partnerships with multiple operators helped us to build Intelligent, carrier grade SMS gateway with robust infrastructure.

SMS Gateway API

Integrate our SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools and add text messaging to your business workflow.

Sub-Accounts for Team Members

You can create sub-accounts that give team members access to all features. SMS credit is distributed through your main account.

Languages & Unicode SMS

Send and receive text messages in any language: SMS in English or Chinese.

Reporting & Analytics

Access performance metrics like delivery and costs through the panel and export data when needed.

Secure Text Messaging

All our sites and services are secured with SSL / HTTPS and your contacts, messages and accounts are fully backed up 24 / 7 / 365.


Control the Branding of Your Company Communications

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Malaysia. Increase Sales by Bulk SMS text messaging, Get your Free trial today.

Infinity Plans offers Bulk SMS Broadcast Platform an easy way to SMS Marketing in your business.

When people receive a text message from a sender with a name, they are generally inclined to trust it more than if it had come from an ‘unknown number’.

Easy & Quick Activation

Get your account activated in 1 day. Just choose the name and specify your use case.

Improved brand awareness

Recipients will instantly know whom the message is from because your sender ID will be displayed instead of the phone number.

Increased open & response rates

A message from a familiar sender ID has a greater chance of being opened than one from an unknown number.

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