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Lifebuoy – School Of 5

Lifebuoy School of 5 is a campaign about the importance of healthcare and washing hands with water and soap. This campaign targeted all the primary schools' female students in Malaysia, with its site visitors of 100,000++ . To teach all the young adults about the right way to a clean lifestyle with quiz and tutorial.




Lifebuoy Malaysia


Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Lifebuoy - Microsite

In tailoring the website to resonate with our primary audience of young adults, our designers embraced a engaging approach, characterized by colorful and attractive cartoonish designs. Employing impactful backgrounds and superhero-like characters, we seamlessly integrate essential information with elements that captivate the youthful spirit. By infusing the website with such dynamic visuals, we aim to capture and sustain the attention of young adults, guiding them towards achieving a cleaner lifestyle through interactive quizzes and tutorials offered on the platform.

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