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Libresse 2021

Libresse Know Your V is a sub web under Libresse Malaysia with its campaign #KnowYourV specially targeted all the primary schools' female students in Malaysia, with its site visitors of 100,000++ . To teach all the young adults about handling menstruation with quiz and tutorial.




Libresse Malaysia


Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

KnowYourV Campaign

The website prominently features a "V" text against a complementary blue background, ensuring immediate brand recognition and cohesion. Structured across five main pages, each page is characterized by a clean and straightforward layout. A prominent pink box serves as the focal point, housing the main content of the page and drawing the viewer's attention. This thoughtful design approach ensures that the website delivers essential information in a clear and accessible manner, empowering young female students to engage with the #KnowYourV Campaign effortlessly.

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