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冰师傅 Bing Shifu

冰师傅 Bing Shifu is a chinese restaurant selling authentic Sichuan, Hunan and Cantonese cuisine.




冰师傅 Bing Shifu


Social Media

Social Media

Facebook Marketing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Content Plannings
  • Daily Facebook Posting Design
  • Facebook Meta Ads
Weekly Banners Design

Our design team generates creative, eye-catching, and visually appealing social media posts and videos featuring 冰师傅 Bing Shifu food products. We create engaging designs that align with Bing Shifu's brand identity, incorporating their brand colors and unique designs for all events. This approach can further enhance exposure and serve as a key selling point to attract more customers.

social media marketing

Motion Graphic

Facebook Marketing

Weekly Animated videos of short and engaging animations for Instagram and Facebook ads, showcasing 冰师傅 Bing Shifu food products. Emphasized vibrant colors and smooth transitions to attract attention.

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