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Everything to know about affordable website design packages

Businesses and individuals want to launch websites for online exposure, and thus they search for a professional web design service provider. People going to try the website design service for the first time become worried about the pricing. Demand for website design services is high, and thus the cost of the service is rising. However, finding affordable website design packages in Malaysia is not difficult. A few factors determine the cost of designing a website. Knowing those factors is the most important thing


Types of Web Design

For an affordable website design service, you need to understand the types of web design. Depending on the website design requirement, your cost for obtaining a web design Malaysia service will vary.

✔  Basic Web Design
The most affordable website design packages offer basic web design. If you need a website with a home page and 5-6 inner pages, a basic website design package is suitable. The cost of the basic web design package varies from RM 800 to RM 2500.

✔  Intermediate Web Design
An intermediate website design package offers to develop a performance-driven website. Such websites are developed on Content Management Systems (CMS). Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and many others need such website design services. The cost of such a web design package ranges between RM 5000 and RM 8000.

✔  Ecommerce Web Design
The costliest web design package includes e-commerce functionalities and database integration on a website. You can sell products or services directly through such websites. Their sizes determine the cost of such websites, and the package starts at RM 8000. The maximum eCommerce website design cost can be around RM 100000.

✔  Landing Page Design
The most affordable web design service is landing page design. A landing page is a single-page website design. It does not contain too many elements. In Malaysia, the landing page design cost should not be more than RM 800.


Factors That Determine Pricing of Web Design Packages in Malaysia

There are two ways of reducing the cost of the website designing packages. First of all, you should search for a service provider that offers low-budget services. You may need to apply your bargaining skills to reduce the cost of the packages to some extent.

The second method is more convincing and systematic. The website design pricing Malaysia depends on a few crucial factors. Knowing them may help you to reduce the cost of the service. Find those factors in the following section.

  • Size of the Website
    Beginners, individuals, and small-scale organizations should keep the size of their websites in mind. Adding web pages unnecessarily is not a good thing. Instead of adding more pages, you should focus on developing a compact, attention-grabbing, and informative website. With such a strategy, you can reduce web design costs and increase return on investment (ROI) from the website.
  • Copywriting
    A website is incomplete without content. Website owners hire skilled copywriters to add relevant, informative, and unique content. Many website designers include copywriting services in web design packages. Buying such packages can reduce your cost, as you do not have to hire a copywriter separately.
  • Content Management System Integration
    Content Management System (CMS) is an important parameter for determining a web design package price. Using WordPress will make the package affordable. If you want Magento or other CMS for eCommerce, the cost will increase.
  • CMS Migration
    Many people want to revamp their existing website for better business performance. An eCommerce web portal developed on WordPress can be revamped through migrating to Magento or other eCommerce platforms. Migration from one CMS to another CMS platform will increase the cost of the website design package. 
  • Responsive Web Design
    Web designers’ charges will vary on the responsiveness of your website. Today, more than 80% of professional websites are responsive. What are the benefits of responsive web design? Such websites can give smooth access to both smartphone and desktop users. Depending on the device’s screen resolution, the website can change the layout to provide seamless navigation. Since the number of smartphone users is rising, adopting responsive website design packages is a smarter idea. But, a responsive website design service will make the web design package costly. But, a responsive website is eventually cost-saving. A website owner does not need to have a different version of the website for smartphone users. 


Do You Have An Existing Website?

Many people already have websites, though they are not fully satisfied with the performance of their websites. If you already have a website, you should go for a website redesign service. Instead of designing a website from scratch, revamping the existing website will be cost-saving. A professional website designer can understand the flaws of the existing website. They adopt strategies to cover those flaws. The performance of a revamped website will be satisfactory if you hire high-quality website design services for the job.


Affordable Is Not Cheap

Many people do not know the subtle difference between cheap and affordable. Affordable service providers offer quality services at a realistic price, while a cheap website design service may compromise quality. There are many risks of having a cheap website.

✖ Poor Performance:
Performances of cheap websites will not be satisfactory. Poor interface and user experience will lead to damage to the reputation of your online business. If you want a powerful online presence, you need to avoid cheap services.

✖ Risk of Security Breaches:
A poorly designed website is vulnerable to security problems. You may lose crucial and confidential data due to security breaches. Find an affordable website design service that assures designing a secured website.

✖ After-Sales Support:
Cheap web design services do not offer after-sales support to clients. A professional web design company in Malaysia will provide good after-sale support

✖ Risk Losing Customers:
A low-quality eCommerce platform will lose customers due to poor interface and user experience. For this reason, one should find an affordable web design service instead of a cheap service provider.


How to Find an Affordable Website Designer?

Finding a professional website designer will ensure both affordability and quality. In Malaysia, many web design services are available. Thus, finding an affordable service provider is not difficult. Follow the tips in the following section to find an affordable service provider.

✅   Ask for the Quotes
Service seekers should never hesitate to ask for the quotes. If you have a clear idea of the type of website design service you require, reach out to the web design companies to obtain quotes.

✅   Compare Quotes
Comparing the quotations obtained from different website services is the best way of identifying the most affordable service provider.

✅   Consult Your Requirements
Many people are not sure the kind of website they need. Professional website design services offer free consultancy to clients. Such consultancy will help you to understand your requirements, and you can plan a budget accordingly.


Website Maintenance Cost

Ecommerce websites need maintenance services too. You need to find a web design company that offers web maintenance at an affordable budget. Web design is a one-time service. But, maintenance is an ongoing requirement. You should find a service provider that offers affordability in the long term.

Obtaining cheap website design Malaysia is not challenging, as many services are available. While focusing on the budget, one should not compromise the quality. Having a poorly designed website is a waste of both time and money.