6 Effective Digital Marketing Tools As Recommended By Most Malaysians

There is no denying that digital marketing evolves on a day to day basis and is one of the top platforms used to promote and sell services. In order for a service or business to stand out in this ever competing market, one would have to be up to speed with what is trendy and current.

Of course, this is easier said than done. With an ever evolving technology comes a variety of choices. Which is why at Infinity Plans, we have taken the liberty to carefully select the most effective marketing tools which suits your everyday needs.

The Six Most Effective Digital Marketing Toolkits

1. An Impressive Website

Almost, if not all, businesses have a website to promote the kind of services they sell. The website would be a place where your potential clients gain information with regards to your services. Hence, it is of vital importance that your website is remarkable and eye-catching. At Infinity Plans, our best web designers are tasked to do exactly that. Not only do we offer affordable affordable website design packages. Infinity plans is web design agency in Malaysia specialise in customising websites (corporates and sole proprietorships), a sales funnel, landing pages,  e-commerce, booking and reservation websites, event and/or product launching etc.

To ensure that our clients would have a hassle free control of their websites. Therefore we utilise an easy to manage Content Management System (CMS) backend which requires little to no IT skills.

2. WhatsApp Marketing Tool

How to use WhatsApp for your business?

The best reason to include WhatsApp marketing campaign strategy for businesses is, the large amount of their customers would already be using it whom they can target and convert via WhatsApp marketing. 90% of average messages open rate through WhatsApp. Average of 35 minutes user spend time on WhatsApp every day.

3. SMS Marketing Tool

At Infinity Plans, we provide the best bulk SMS services in both Malaysia as well as Singapore. With this tool being utilised, it provides for a fast, secure and reliable service to your potential clients. Not only are you able to establish your business name through the correspondent’s ID, you are also utilising this platform as a powerful branding tool.

4. LINE App Marketing Tool

Line App Marketing is one of the best digital marketing platform. Furthermore it has over 600 million users worldwide, with 217 million monthly active users. With the growing number of people using this App, a business should not miss out on the opportunity to promote their services on this App.

5. Facebook Marketing Tool

Almost everyone is on social media, especially Facebook. Which is why a business should consider advertising their business with Facebook Ads. These Facebook Ads Experts could be hired to help boost your business’s online presence. Here at Infinity Plans, we offer highly sought-after Facebook Expert Team to manage your advertisements/campaigns on Facebook. If you are looking for a team to create or boost your business’s presence on one of the most utilised social media platform, you came to the right place.

We offer to provide one of the best Facebook marketing services to put your business in the limelight at an affordable price. By using a social media platform as huge as Facebook, your business would be exposed to countless of potential clients. Creating a connection for your business into the social media world by using Facebook Ads.

6. Google Ads & Google SEO Tools

Before someone chooses to purchase a product, 97% of them would use google search to look at reviews before a purchase. Hence, it is important for your website to rank in at least the top 3 pages of Google. With Infinity Plans Marketing, we provide a professional search engine which optimises services across the globe. Not only that, we also offer SEO services to businesses in order for them to make an impact online by improving their visibility. Our SEO experts curate the best strategies to place you on top of the Google search page.

Knowing what a potential client seeks for is of importance. Therefore, we focus on onsite and offsite Google marketing techniques to garner the attention of potential clients by enhancing your website design and the contents of it. With those techniques, your website would outdo others in the search engines.

With the implementation and utilisation of these six effective digital marketing tools offered by us at Infinity Plans, we vow to do our best by you, for you and with you.

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