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sms marketing

What is SMS Marketing, and how to start?

SMS marketing is text marketing; SMS means short message service. In today’s time, text messaging has made it easy for people in their busy lives. The SMS marketing service is a successful and traditional way to reach out to people with promotions and messages about…

The Unique & The Biggest Web Design Trends 2021

We had come a long way since the invention of the World Wide Web back in 1989. It has been an eventful journey, and we are now in the 21st Century witnessing a revolution in terms of the design of web pages.

Everything to know about affordable website design packages

Businesses and individuals want to launch websites for online exposure, and thus they search for a professional web design service provider. People going to try the website design service for the first time become worried about the pricing.
infinity plans office

Introduction of IPM

Infinity Plans Marketing provides Digital Marketing services such as SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Web Design, Google Ads & SEO, Facebook Marketing, LINE Marketing and more. We are highly experienced online advertising agency having clients from all over Malaysia and Singapore. However, our fresh and unique